A climatologist’s argument against I-1631’s carbon fee

Initiative 1631, to appear on the upcoming November ballot, aims to impose a fee on carbon polluters in the state while taking action against climate change.

But if you truly care about climate change, and doing something about it, then you should reject I-1631, according to one Seattle climate scientist.

“I think it’s a very bad idea,” University of Washington Atmospheric Sciences Professor Cliff Mass said. “I think that anybody who is concerned about climate change should vote against 1631. It has a lot of very major flaws.”

It’s perhaps an unexpected argument against a solution to climate change from a climate expert fully aware of the consequences of a warming planet. But Mass argues that in order to make a difference regarding climate change, the entire nation needs to be on board. I-1631 is written in a way that will be extremely partisan, Mass says. As such, it will never be looked to as a model for the rest of America. …

Mass goes on to say that the proposal has the revenue managed by an un-elected body. …

… Mass says that the initiative’s flaws are too great to overcome. He strongly urges the state to pass a bipartisan, revenue neutral carbon fee.

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