Vote no on I-1631: People would pay, not ‘Big Oil’

Among the whoppers being told to Washington voters this election season, the biggest is the Yes on 1631 campaign’s assertion that “big polluters” will pay the carbon fee it’s proposing.

This flimflam is even in the state voters’ guide, which says I-1631 imposes “a pollution fee on large emitters of greenhouse gases.”

Don’t be fooled. Whether you’re for or against the “fee,” know that oil companies won’t absorb the cost. They’ll pass it to consumers, whose cost of living will increase as housing, food, heating and transportation become more expensive.

Discussing this with I-1631 proponents is exasperating and insulting. …

Instead, ask Kriss Sjoblom, economist at the nonpartisan Washington Research Council and an economic adviser to Gov. Jay Inslee.

“It’s going to get passed on,” he said. …

Environmentalism loses support if people feel misled and pick-pocketed, and climate-change deniers arguing it’s a sham are emboldened.

Washingtonians are concerned about global warming and the environment. They should be trusted to decide, based on facts and not duplicity and emotional arm-twisting, whether I-1631 is a reasonable plan and worth its high cost.

That should start with proponents acknowledging it’s a tax on the people. …

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