Washington already low carbon leader, without new I-1631 energy tax

Washington employers, employees and residents share the goal of reducing carbon emissions, as evidenced by state’s low carbon footprint.

Despite a 43 percent growth in population since 1990 — and 260 percent economic growth — Washington’s residents and employers have implemented solutions that have lowered carbon emissions by 18 percent, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

This leadership didn’t happen by accident. It was built through thoughtful and deliberate collaboration in every business sector and homes across the state that has preserved Washington’s beauty and environmental health through the generations.

It’s this kind of thoughtful collaboration that is needed to build on the successful efforts, not the new energy tax proposed in Initiative 1631. …

Washington state is leading the way on carbon reduction and environmental protection. It’s a legacy we should celebrate and one we know employers, workers and families are happily building on through innovation and strategic partnerships within their communities.

I-1631 is simply the wrong approach. We can and should continue looking for ways to reduce carbon emissions — without driving up costs for families and small businesses through an initiative that offers no assurances it will produce meaningful results.

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