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Analysis of I-1631 Finds High Consumer Costs, Damaging Economic Impacts and No Significant Impact on Greenhouse Gas Emissions

$30 Billion collected over 15 years, household costs of $440 per year to start

SEATTLE — A new studyby internationally recognized NERA Economic Consulting estimates that Initiative 1631, the carbon fee initiative on November’s statewide ballot, would impose approximately $30 billion in new fees on Washington consumers over the first 15 years, having significant negative impacts on family pocketbooks, small businesses and the state’s economy, while leaving 93% of Washington […]

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Labor Organizations Across Washington Oppose I-1631

Growing list of labor unions urging a NO vote on unfair carbon tax

SEATTLE – A growing list of labor organizations in every corner of the state agree: Washington’s working families would bear the heaviest financial burdens under Initiative 1631, the unfair energy tax. That’s why labor groups representing nearly 100,000 craft workers and union supporters have joined the NO on 1631 Coalition, in an effort to spread the […]

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